Membership Opportunities

Gogarburn Golf Club offers a range of membership opportunities - suitable for both regular and occasional golfers including:-

  • Full Membership £580

  • Junior Membership £70 under 18 at 1st January
  • Youth Membership Payment of 20% in the 1st year subject to holding junior membership for 1 year

  • Country Membership £290
    (Country members must reside out with a 30 mile radius of the golf club)
  • 5 Day Membership £540 - 5 day members may only play between 8.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday. 5 day members may play in Tankard competitions to gain/retain their handicap. 5 day members have no voting rights at any Annual General Meeting and must pay any levy placed on ordinary members of the club

  • 18-30 Membership - Aged 18 to 21 years on 1st January members pay 40% of the full annual subscription;

  • Aged 22 to 25 years on 1st January - members pay 60% of the full annual subscription;

  • Aged 26 to 30 years on 1st January -  members pay 80% of the full annual subscription.

  • Introductory Membership - An Introductory Member, being a person who is not already a member of a golf club, has not previously been a member of a golf club and who does not possess a current Congu or similar handicap, pays a maximum of 40% of the full annual subscription for a maximum of 12 rounds of golf. This category of membership is restricted to one year only.

    For more membership Information contact Moira Brown on 0131 333 3496 
    or email:

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  • 2019-09-20
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  • 2019-09-23
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